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Professional 8 Piece 2.5mm HSS 4241 Long Straight Shank Twist Drill Bits

Manufactured from High grade HSS 4241 'High Speed Steel' and Drills made to DIN340 Standard.

This is a comprehensive set of good quality long twist drill bits. If you're in the industrial sector and using drills every day, then you'll need a set that you can rely on.

HSS bits for use with metal, plastic and wood. Check out our range of twist drills from 2mm - 10mm diameter.

DIN340 Standard


  • Type : Twist Drill Bits set

  • Size : 8 (bits) 2.5 mm x 95 mm, 62 mm (cutting length)

  • Material : HSS

  • Finish : HSS4241 White finish

4.79 INC VAT