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16Oz Rubber Mallet with Wooden Handle, Black head

Featuring double faced striking surfaces and a lightweight ergonomic wooden handle, this rubber mallet is perfect for striking surfaces without damage.

Reducing shock on the object as well as your wrists, this rubber mallet is made to last a long time. Ideal for use when a softer blow is called for than that delivered by a metal hammer.

These are typically used to form sheet metal, since they don't leave marks, as well as for forcing tight-fitting parts together, for shifting plasterboard into place, in upholstery, and a variety of other general purposes.

For use in the industrial sector, workshops, garages and for home DIY purposes.


  • Type : Rubber Mallet

  • Size : 16 Oz

  • Length : 12 inch (300 mm)

  • Head : Black rubber head


  • Rubber striking surface on both faces

  • Ergonomic wooden handle

  • Reduced shock

  • Lightweight

15.59 INC VAT